Karolina Kijanka

My recent work with abstraction has been in analyzing and summarizing the current events of my past year. Fortunately, being able to explore the outdoors in the last 6-8 months, it’s been an exquisite experience. The places I’ve visited have all been within the Vancouver region that have lush green forests and deep rich colors. On the other hand, while staying indoors, I’ve been exploring my own mind, feelings and emotions, leading to self-reflection in my artwork. Using a timeline and expressive motion, I playfully record my emotional and physical experiences on the canvas. 


I am also very attracted to creating art pieces that hold presence and tell their own story. Using my personal energy I connect with the canvas to create a character within it. My paintings visually capture a dance of energy through my gestural strokes and experimentation with a range of shapes and colors. Oil paint and charcoal are the main mediums used, due to their flexibility and delightful contrast in texture. Color selection is focused on a neutral palette in order to reference body tones that also echo a calm sensation. The flexibility and pigmentation of these materials also allow me to achieve and explore, new concepts and ideas. 


By exploring abstract my playful production of restful and exciting energy in my paint strokes and composition, lead me to both showcase and reflect my own personality in a way that I see as brilliant. My work is structured on natural instinct, and therefore my work perhaps isn’t immediately resolved to the viewer but invites the audience to create their own solution with some brief context.  This leads a drive toward curiosity.   



Oil and charcoal canvas

48" x 180"


6AM Dewy Morning

Oil and charcoal canvas

84" x 84"


6AM Dewy Morning detail