Mika Zhu

The relationship between humankind and nature is constantly changing: from reverence for nature to development of land, from protection to destruction. For the sake of their material needs, spiritual enjoyment and interests, humans forcibly change the growth patterns of other animals, destroy animal habitats, and upset the ecological balance. Although people have begun to pay attention to the protection of the environment and to ecological balance, the moral consideration of animals has often gone unheeded. I believe humans and animals should be regarded as two equal subjects in ecology because animals possess the same advanced cognitive capacities that justify the attribution of basic moral rights. In “The Animal Mind: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Animal Cognition,” philosopher Kristin Andrews shows that animals exhibit a range of fascinating cognitive abilities. Each species is unique in its constellation of cognitive capacities, and they shouldn’t be abused to benefit human lives. 


My work emphasizes the more-than-human and conveys that these animals have not just instrumental but also inherent worth. Animals have basic interests and moral consideration -- animals deserve recognition, acknowledgement, and protection. My work speaks against human-centered prejudice and encourages the equal interests of all morally considerate beings. My paintings are an emotional response to what I see in my daily life, and I try to show viewers what animals are going through during this era. I hope to convey my ideas about equal moral worth in all human and nonhuman individuals so that animals can live in safety and be treated with the same respect as humans, rather than endure lives filled with abuse and misery. Through my paintings, I emphasize that animals should have a right to life and a right not to be used by humans. 

(#1)_MikaZhu _The lost piece of the puzz

The Lost Piece of the Puzzle,

acrylic paint,

24' x 36'

(#2)_MikaZhu _The last dance_ acrylic pa

The Last Dance,

acrylic paint,

24' x 48'

(#3)_MikaZhu _KFH_ acrylic paint_36x48.j


acrylic paint,

36' x 48'

(#4)_MikaZhu _Endangered Species_ acryli

Endangered Species,

acrylic paint,

30' x 40'

(#5)_MikaZhu __26 APRIL 1986_Ink with Te

26 APRIL 1986,

ink with textile,

36' x 32'