Sheila Van Delft

Home started out as way to document the land where I live, acknowledging the fleeting time I have here, and trying to record my feelings about it in a series of paintings and photographs. As I worked, and chose my images, and made decisions about what was most important to me, I realized that I was recording memories more than places. Each painting is a testimony to a moment that is important to me. This makes sense, of course, because our feelings about place are always connected to memories and experiences. Since they all make up a part of my story, I titled each painting as a type of narrative, part of an anecdote I might tell someone about where I live and why I love it.


This year, with its isolation and solitude, has been a time of contemplation for me, a time to spend a wonderful amount of time outdoors experiencing nature in this place. I marvel at the work of the Creator and his incredible design, and I am grateful for whatever time he gives me here. Instead of feeling loneliness, it’s been a calming withdrawal from this anxious COVID world and also provides an escape from what has become an increasingly virtual life. I’m becoming more reconciled to the idea of this being a transitory experience living here because I’m being mindful of my surroundings and intentional with my time here. 

Sheila Van Delft_Looking West From the F

Looking West from the Fire Pit

Acrylic on Canvas

31" x 47"

Sheila Van Delft_Painted Leaves_2.tif

Painted Leaves

Acrylic on Leaves


Sheila Van Delft_Home Quilt_3.jpg

Home Quilt

Photos and paint on paper substrate

35" x 95"

Sheila Van Delft_Remembering Through a V

Remembering Through a Veil

Fragrance, photos, mylar, acetate, tracing paper, markers, acrylic paint, tissue paper, chalk pastel, oil pastel, watercolour, pencil crayons, and glue on paper substrate

50" x 35"

Sheila Van Delft_I Love the Old Horse Sh

I Love the Old Horse Shed

Acrylic on Canvas

20" x 20"

Sheila Van Delft_It Was Supposed to be a

It Was Supposed to be a Path Through the Woods

Acrylic on Canvas

31" x 47"

Sheila Van Delft_A Common Thread_7.jpg

A Common Thread

Photographic prints, printed paper, thread

60" x 84"

Sheila Van Delft_We Saw a Heron by the P

We Saw a Heron by the Pond

Acrylic on Canvas

12" x 12"